Marketing strategies that build your brand to and through partners

Channel Enablement is more than just product sales training and certifications. It’s the process of getting partners to be aligned with your strategy, understand your processes and programs, and have the skills and resources to sell and service your products… without your help. An effective channel enablement strategy should also incorporate a 30/90/180 plan to onboard partners.

Channel Dynamics provides marketing and business strategy consulting services to a variety of organisations, from cloud service providers, resellers and start-ups, through to market-leading distributors and vendors, right across the Asia-Pacific region.

Many businesses are asking themselves questions like “how do we create a unique story and stand out from the crowd?” and “how do we use digital marketing to build our brand and create demand for our services?”

Whether you are a smaller organisation (without an in-house marketing resource) wanting to build your brand and create demand for your services, or whether you are a larger organisation entering the IT channel or APAC region for the first time, we can provide the expert advice to help you successfully navigate this journey.

We start with identifying your unique value proposition, and what it is that you offer your clients and the marketplace that is distinctive. Then we work with you to develop and execute a marketing plan that enables you to:

  • Clearly articulate your unique selling proposition (USP) that identifies how your services help clients to grow their business and improve their customer experience
  • Deliver demand generation campaigns to generate new customers, and grow your existing customer contributions
  • Leverage digital marketing resources such as content marketing (eBooks, infographics etc.) SEO (search engine optimisation) SEM (search engine marketing) e-mail marketing, webinars, display advertising, blogs and PR
  • Build a social selling strategy. Use social networks to generate connections and followers, interact with relevant content, and then create qualified sales leads
  • Request, get approval for, and use vendor MDF (market development funds) more effectively. We help you create an MDF proposal that demonstrates compelling ROI, such as net new business, customers or revenue growth
  • Create a strategy to enter and build your presence in new geographies and markets

Channel Dynamics can help you with any of your marketing services and business strategy needs.