Results of COVID-19 Impact Study

In late April, Channel Dynamics contributed to a global channel survey, coordinated by our US based alliance partner – The Channel Company, by interviewing local Solution Providers/MSPs to get their insights from an ANZ perspective. The aim of the survey was to talk to customer facing solution providers of all sizes to see how COVID-19 … Continued

Top Ten Articles from 2019

2019 has been a very interesting year for the channel and the IT industry… channel sales has developed and transformed, the partner ecosystem became more more complex, 5G started to make its presence felt, and we said farewell to a much loved and respected friend and colleague, Alex Lopez. We have compiled a list below … Continued

A Look Back at the Last 15 Years

This month marks the 15th anniversary of Channel Dynamics. When we started this business in 2004, we didn’t realise how radically the channel would change over that time, nor how much we would have to adapt to remain relevant to our clients. As the industry has matured, so too has the need for vendors, distributors … Continued

Channel Legends Come Out to Play

To celebrate our 15 year anniversary, we had a party at the Poolside restaurant above the iconic Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool. Located on the fringe of the Royal Botanic Gardens. The venue has a prime position with the leafy precinct of Mrs Macquarie’s Point on one side and Woolloomooloo Bay on the other. CRN were … Continued

Channel Legends look back 15 years

To coincide with our anniversary, CRN hosted all-star panel of Channel Chiefs, to look back at what has changed over 15 years and what might come next. The line-up included Phil Cameron, Paul Harapin, Leo Lynch, Steve Martin, Karen Drewitt, Tasha Soltonovich and Ronnie Altit, and the directors of Channel Dynamics. Moderated by the enigmatic … Continued

5G Is Nearly Here, Now What?

The fifth generation of wireless technology promises lightning-fast speed, incredibly low latency, and the capacity to carry massive numbers of connections simultaneously. Carriers around the world are now trialling 5G wireless communications with the networks and technology going live during 2019. There have been numerous terms to describe the potential impact 5G will have on … Continued

How Not To Exhibit Yourself At Tradeshows

It’s an expensive exercise to exhibit your company at a trade show. Yet so many companies exhibit themselves poorly, leaving these events with little more than sore feet. So what should you do to maximise the return on your investment? At my recent visit to CeBIT I saw lots of examples of this, reminding me … Continued

The Journey of Partner Business Transformation

We recently did some work with the senior management team of a mid-market VAR/Service Provider on how they adapt their business model with the continuing growth of Cloud & XaaS. Our analysis identified several external forces acting upon their business, as well as internal pressures, and helped them create a set of priorities of what … Continued

Do You Honestly Believe You Are A Disruptor?

If “Cloud” was the most overused word for 2015, then “Digital Disruption” would have to be my #1 pick for 2016. I’m struggling to think of a vendor event that I attended last year that didn’t reference at least Uber, AirBnB or Netflix in the opening slides; the message of course being … Disrupt (like … Continued

Advancing Women In IT Isn’t Just A Women’s Issue

Last month I attended CompTIA’s ChannelCon event in Florida. This is an annual event where 1,500 vendors, solution providers/MSPs and distributors come together to network, learn, and discuss issues affecting the industry. It’s also where attendees can sit in on various CompTIA Communities Meetings. One of my favourite sessions over the three days was the … Continued