Tools, Resources & Checklists To Drive Channel Performance

We often hear channel managers talk about the effectiveness of their channel, but usually using language based on gut feel or relationships, rather than measurable indicators. The following list of tools has been made available to help you monitor some of the most common aspects of channel management.

Behaviour Style Quick Quiz

Understanding how we behave under stress can be very valuable in helping us recognise our strengths and weaknesses in dealing with others. This quick quiz has been designed to help you identify your preferred or dominant behaviour style.

The IDEAL Vendor Check List

Do your channel partners think of you as an IDEAL vendor? What can you do to stand out? This handy check list summarises the questions that resellers want answered before they will commit to your company or products.

The Elevator Pitch

If your customer can’t articulate what makes you different, then they will have difficulty understanding why they should deal with you. This document is designed to help you capture the essence of what your company does, and clearly convey it in a concise manner.

Dynamic Channel Performance model

What makes some Channels work more effectively than others? This useful model helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your channel strategy.

Channel Trust Questionnaire

Vendors are forever profiling and segmenting their partners by size, profitability or region. This questionnaire is designed to look beyond the numbers to one of the key drivers of sales performance – your partners’ level of trust.

Distributor Alignment Checklist

The Distribution Alignment Checklist is a simple and straight-forward tool to help you determine the level of alignment between your organisation and that of your distributor(s), in order to formulate the most successful Distribution Strategy.