Fast-Track The Process Of Onboarding & Enabling Partners

Effective Channel Enablement is much more than conducting product awareness training or even certification training. Having partners that are truly enabled that can proactively sell and support your product requires alignment of vendor strategies, supporting processes and programs, not ad hoc product training sessions or webinars.

Channel Dynamics can help vendors and their distributors tailor a structured channel enablement plan that will lift the level of partner performance by leveraging and maximising existing channel program resources, regardless of whether you are managing 50, 500 or 5,000 partners.

Channel Dynamics market research has shown that while MDF is often at the cornerstone of channel enablement, the majority of vendors are underutilising between 15-35% of their annual MDF budget. This is usually due to unclear or restrictive rules, ad hoc planning, misaligned objectives, poor or unstructured channel communications or inefficient back of house systems.

Regain control of your channel

Channel Dynamics can help you regain control of your channel enablement processes by identifying the gaps in your existing channel training, channel program structure, or partner recruitment/on-boarding processes, and recommending practical solutions to improve partner performance.

The following is a quick checklist to see if you have a well-enabled channel. If your answer is “No” to two or more of the points, then perhaps there are some channel enablement gaps or opportunities for improvement.

  • Proactively identify new customers for your product or solution
  • Engage with customer decision makers and articulate a clear value proposition
  • Understand and comply with the program rules
  • Complete training or certification programs as required
  • Utilise MDF or Co-op funds in a meaningful manner to achieve acceptable ROI
  • Leverage rebate or incentive programs such as deal registration effectively
  • Know who when and where to contact if they have an enquiry or opportunity

The acid test for an effective channel enablement strategy and program is whether or not you believe your partners can identity a new opportunity autonomously, leverage the vendor program incentives, and close the deal unassisted.

While a handful of partners maybe able to do this, can the majority of your certified channel partners do this?

While channel partners are asking for more of everything, vendors and distributors are being asked to do more with less. Channel Dynamics can design a full channel enablement program from scratch, or conduct an audit of the existing on-boarding, training and partner program to ensure the best use of valuable channel resources.

Channel Dynamics approach is to help our clients see that effective channel enablement is much more than product training, but a holistic approach that aligns vendors’ strategies, partners’ capabilities and customers’ requirements more effectively within the overarching channel program and associated budgets.