How Technology Is Tackling Coronavirus

As the shadow of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to loom large around the world, many governments, researchers and other organisations are feverishly trying to prevent the outbreak from worsening. Increasingly, they’re turning to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and drones to bolster their efforts. In this article by Scott Campbell, he cautions … Continued

Exciting Launch of Major Training Initiative

As the IT sector in Australia continues to grow, the number of upcoming skilled workers needed to fulfil future roles is not growing fast enough to meet the demand.  Australia is currently facing a shortage of skilled IT specialists on an immense scale. Research conducted by the government shows a yearly 21.5% rise in the … Continued

CompTIA Event Wrap Up

Exploring ways to achieve growth – in business, personal and partner ecosystem – was the main focus at CompTIA’s latest ANZ Channel Community meetings held in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Simon Harris, ran a workshop for MSPs on why the right business model always trumps hard work and explored 4 areas of business that can … Continued

CompTIA ANZ Channel Meeting Speakers Confirmed

Our next CompTIA ANZ Channel Community Meetings are now locked in for November in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland. Our theme for these meetings is “Growth” and we have some absolutely AMAZING speakers who will share their insights. As always, the Meetings are FREE to attend for all Technology Industry professionals, and provide an opportunity to … Continued

Use Science to Discover Your Leadership Style

Daniel Johns, Director of Technical Services for ASI Solutions and current member of CompTIA ANZ Channel Community and Alicia Lykos, owner of Red Wolf Group and previous panelist from CompTIA’s May ANZ Channel Community meeting have teamed up to bring us a webinar on Leadership. The webinar titled “How to use science to uncover your … Continued

Edge Computing: 6 Things to Know

Stephanie Overby an award-winning journalist and editor, has written an article detailing important factors to consider when exploring edge computing. Edge computing, the practice of processing data closer to where it is generated, is becoming more common as the world becomes more digitised and, as with all new technology advances, businesses will need to explore … Continued

CompTIA – Attracting Gen Z Employees

Gen Zers are the next entrants to the work force. They are born between 1997 and 2012 and most have recently finished or are about to finish their studies. These potential employees have new skills and talents that are attractive to businesses, but how do you make your business more attractive to them? Jennon Bell … Continued

CompTIA June Update and Save The Date

Every year CompTIA donates $10,000 to a charity, on behalf of the ANZ Channel Community. This year, the community instead chose to donate $5,000 to two charities – one in Australia and one in New Zealand. 5 Charities were nominated from each country, and members were asked to cast a vote for their preferred charity. Voting … Continued

10 Body Language Tips for Leaders

In May, we had a focus on leadership and presentations… CompTIA held their ANZ Channel Community meeting on Leadership, and Moheb Moses gave us a great article using PowerPoint to manage partners. This month, we focus on a skill that goes hand in hand with these themes – body language. Good body language is crucial for … Continued

May Channel Community Meetings Wrap-Up

The first CompTIA ANZ Channel Community meetings for 2019 were held last month in Sydney and Melbourne and our first ever meeting was held in New Zealand. Moheb Moses, Director and Co-Founder of Channel Dynamics, is also the CompTIA Community Director. Moheb opened these meetings and introduced the amazing speakers. Sydney gave us Brent Valle, … Continued