Time to Rethink Channel Incentives

For decades, channel professionals have used channel incentives to drive behaviour, whether establishing new behaviours, suppressing old ones, or repositioning partners for a new opportunity. Incentives are also effective in masking deficiencies in business value propositions. However, several converging trends have challenged traditional thinking in channel incentive programs. In this article, Jay McBain – Principal … Continued

How To Pick Technology Winners

Have you ever wondered some innovations become as prevalent as smartphones, while others, such as jet packs, don’t take off? In this article Peter Schwarz, a Technology Futurist, explains how to choose technology winners. Although this is not a fail-safe method, there are three key factors he identifies for improving your chances of choosing a … Continued

Forget The Cloud, Soon It’ll Be The Edge

Slow performance even with a good internet connection? Sluggish response times? There may be a solution. Technology is constantly improving and smart devices and personal computers are now more accessible to a broader range of users than ever before. At the moment nearly all data we generate is processed via the internet in a cloud. … Continued

5G and Smart Cities

Smart Cities are not a new concept. We have been hearing about these since the push into 4G, so why will it be different with 5G?  The real benefit to Smart cities from 5G comes from its capacity and low latency. It is these attributes that enable the deployment of more IoT sensors which can … Continued

How To Get People To Embrace Change

Change has such a prominent place in the IT industry. We deal with it constantly, help our customers prepare for it and are always on the lookout for the next big technology change coming our way. The fact is however that most people don’t like change. Technology changes can often result in organisational changes and … Continued

How To Unlock Your Teams Creativity

Creativity and innovation are intrinsic to one another. And while the importance of innovation to the success of a business is well documented, I wonder how many leaders and managers encourage creativity amongst their team members both individually and collectively? It is all too easy to roll out the same strategies that have been used … Continued

Cloud Shift Impacts All IT Markets

Cloud adoption rates are accelerating globally, making it possibly the most disruptive technology since the earliest days in the digital age, according to Gartner. While this is not new it is interesting as to why these rates are increasing and how organisations are utilising the technology to create business advantages. More than ever before organisations … Continued

e-Learning Channel Management Course Updated

When we released our online e-Learning Channel Management Course last year, we knew we would be adding more content, which is why we delivered it as a 12 month subscription. So we are delighted to release the next two modules in the series – Partner Identification and Distributor Selection. These two modules explain how to … Continued

The Best of Articles for 2018

We hope that you had a good Christmas break and are back refreshed and ready for a tremendous 2019. Last year there were a couple of dominant themes we believe will continue to shape the channel throughout 2019. Unsurprisingly the clear leaders were cloud compute and storage, connectivity and security, really all just components of … Continued

Is Amazon a Disty’s Friend or Foe?

The rise of home grown e-tailers and international online platforms such as Amazon, eBay and even Gumtree, have not only given consumers the ability to access a broader range of products, they also enable them to purchase less expensively and more conveniently than through traditional bricks and mortar retailers. A consequence of this, is that … Continued