9 Big Ideas from Channel Chiefs

The only thing that is certain in the channel is change. Because of this it is important to be across the changes and trends that are taking place in the channel as they happen. This however is easier said than done. When you are so engaged in the day to day happenings of your job it can be hard to remember to stop and look around from time to time.

Looking at emerging trends and being aware of customer’s changing needs is going to help you to be successful in the channel and ultimately in your role. So where do you go for this information if you don’t see it directly in front of you? There are lots of places you can look. Online industry publications are a great start, as is talking to peers and colleagues about what they are seeing happening in the Channel. We found a great article written by T.C. Doyle that covers off 9 big ideas as spotted by Channel Chiefs from beyond Australia. Read on to find out what these 9 ideas or trends are and stay informed about the channel you are a part of.

9 Big Ideas From Channel Chiefs