Budget 2015 Analysts Give Thumbs Up To Strategic IT Investment

The recent announcement of the 2015 Budget appears to offer some very good news for the IT industry for the first time in a good while. The government has set aside over $250 million to commence its digital transformation, which includes improving on a number of existing initiatives and launching a range of new ones. Analysts are saying it is the first time we are seeing funding allocated for strategic investment in IT, which is great news on many levels.

This article details the budget spending allocation and includes comments from our own Cam Wayland on what this budget may mean for the IT Channel. Cam believes that the budget and the tax incentives offered for SMB sized organisations around IT spending points towards some great opportunities for the Channel.

Read the article in full to hear how Cam and the other industry experts believe the budget will influence IT spending and trends in the coming financial year.

     ARN: Analysts Give “Thumbs Up” To Strategic IT Investment