Channel Loyalty In 2015

We are hearing and reading so much about the changing landscape of the channel. We hear how the evolution of Cloud means that businesses need to make fundamental changes to their business models and the way they go to market. It is a case of either evolve with the industry or you won’t survive.

These changes mean that vendors must also look at how they incentivise their partner community and how they create partner loyalty. The methods they have used in the past may no longer be relevant given the evolution of Cloud, the move to annuity based business models and the rise of hybrid partners and pure cloud service providers.

Claudio Ayub has contributed an interesting piece to LinkedIn that discusses what needs to be done in 2015 in order to create partner loyalty. He also covers how he believes vendors now need to approach incentivising their partner community under these new market conditions. To read this interesting opinion piece in full, click on the link below.

     LinkedIn: Channel Loyalty In 2015