Generation Y Should Be Plotting A Revolution

The recent ANZ CompTIA Community meeting was focused on the fact that today we have a multi-generational workforce. Given people are remaining in the workforce for longer, there have never been more generations working together than there are now, so we are in unchartered waters. Further to this, it interesting that it’s the youngest generation that carries the worst reputation when it comes to their attitude and values in the workplace. The fact remains however that the generations have to work together and need to make a success of it, so how do we do this? Perhaps the answer is to first walk a mile in each other’s shoes.

Annabelle Crabb of the ABC has written an amusing but also insightful article on Generation Y and how it is that they may well just have the right to be annoyed at their parent’s generation. Not only does she look at things from a Generation Y’s perspective but she also challenges the fact that the older generation need to consider whether some of their prosperity has and is being gained at the younger generation’s expense.

     Generation Y Should Be Plotting a Revolution