Hackers: The Internets Immune System

We all know that with constantly changing threats to our cyber security comes constantly changing technology designed to protect us. These threats have created a situation that forces the development and innovation of new technologies.  This interesting TED Talk by Keren Elazari provides a very alternative look at the impact Hackers have on the ICT Industry and technology in general.

Keren’s take on hackers (good and bad) is that overall Hackers have helped the ICT industry develop and innovate over the years. She points out that while there are hackers out to cause harm there are also many hackers without criminal intentions, who want to use their skills for good rather than bad. There have been many examples over the years of Hackers bringing vulnerabilities to people’s attention so that they can become better protected rather than to take advantage of them. Further to this is that some Hackers have even used their skills to bring publicity to a cause that is close to their heart and that they feel needs public attention and assistance. All examples of good hackers rather than bad

Watch this amazing TED talk to hear Keren’s argument that perhaps we need Hackers in our Cyber community to keep us protected, to help those not in a position to help themselves and to ensure technology continues to innovate and develop over time

     TED: Hackers: The Internet’s Immune System