How To Sell To Different Personality Types

We come across all sorts of people in our working lives, all with different personalities. Further to this, we have to find a way of working with these different personalities to get our jobs done, whatever they may be. While people generally don’t sit neatly into pre-defined personality categories, you can normally group people broadly into categories based on some of their stronger personality traits.

For a sales person, being able to identify different personality types and effectively sell to them is a critical skill. Leslie Ye has written an interesting article on the hubspot blog on this topic, identifying 4 personality categories which are very similar to the ones we utilise in our sales training workshops.

Leslie discusses the main traits for each category, calling out what is important to these types of people and how to best sell to them. This is good read whether you are a sales person or not as it offers valuable insight into how different personalities like to be dealt with in a business environment. You should also check out our behaviour style quick quiz to determine which category you fall in to!

     Hubspot: How To Sell To Different Personality Types