It’s EOFY… don’t waste your training budget!

It’s the end of the financial year, and you may have an MDF or training budget that hasn’t been spent. Make sure you don’t let it go to waste!

Research shows that training increases staff retention and staff motivation. Employers that provide quality training create a workforce that is motivated and loyal. Channel Dynamics offers training for sales and marketing people to be equipped with the right skills to consistently execute an effective channel program or strategy. Our training programs are designed to help people achieve better sales results, whether it’s your own staff, or the staff of your partners. And we’ve got three formats, depending on your needs:

Tailored Channel or Sales Workshop

These are private, instructor-led, face-to-face workshops, tailored around your organisation, to help your team improve their Channel, Presentation and/or Sales and Negotiation skills 

Open (Public) Channel Workshop 
This public, instructor-led, face-to-face training course, is being held in Sydney, and is open to any channel sales or channel management professional who wants to maximise the performance of their channel 
E-Learning Channel Course

This self-paced, online, e-Learning Training Course is based on our instructor-led courses, but has been adapted for online delivery on your PC, Mac or Mobile 

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