The Good Enough Revolution: Simplicty vs. Functionality

I only came across this article a week ago, and even though it is 3 years old, I was struck by how relevant it is today. In a world where you can proclaim your undying love to your soul mate in 140 characters or less, maybe there are times when “Good Enough” is more suitable than “Good”.

In our business we see this reflected in partner program design. Vendors spend so much time finessing the most minute details of their partner program that they sometimes lose sight of the overall objective. More importantly, the complexity this introduces means that partners are less likely to use the program, and so all the vendor’s effort is wasted (a great example is when a 2% rebate is made up of 4 components each worth 0.5%).

In this article, Robert Capps examines what customers want from the products and services they buy, and whether we now favour “quick and dirty” over “slow and polished”.

The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine