The MSP Evolution: What’s Next?

Managed Service Partners in essence remove the burden of ‘IT Chores’ from their customers so that the customer can focus on their cores. That is, the customer can focus what it is they do best and what makes their business money. 

This article, written by Will Ominsky looks at what he believes is the next phase of evolution for Managed Service Partners (MSPs). This phase sees the MSP moving beyond managing their customer’s IT ‘chores’ and towards assisting them with their ‘core’ and as such, helping their customers to make more money. This is an interesting shift to say the least and one that makes the role of the MSP all the more important and compelling to the customer.

With the holidays around the corner and a new calendar year dawning, now is the perfect time to read this article. Learn how Will believes MSPs will need to pivot and grow in order to deliver more for their customers and extend their organisations in the year ahead.

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