Three Myths of The 67 Percent Statistic

A large chunk of a buyer’s journey for any product or service is now completed online. The sales and marketing consultants Sirius Decisions recently completed some research that not only supports this statistic but also adds that this statistic is in fact true, no matter who the buyer is, be it a normal everyday consumer or a high level executive investing money in a solution for their business. This then raises the question, how does this effect sales engagement and marketing for products, solutions and services?

In this article three myths around this statistic are explored and explained. It would seem that while a lot of research and information gathering by the consumer is done online, there is plenty an organisation can do to still influence and encourage a sale.

Read on to understand when and how to engage and what all of this online research means for your inbound marketing strategy:

Three Myths of The 67% Statistic