What A Difference 10 Years Makes

As we pass the 10 year milestone as Channel Dynamics, we couldn’t help but reflect on how our industry has evolved over the last decade. Technology may advance every year (faster in some years than others) but it’s only when we stop and look at it over a period of time that we realise how … Continued

What Was Hot In 2004?

Author: Tamara Hodkinson 10 years really does go by very quickly. So much can happen in that time, like huge leaps in technology or vast changes in the state of the global economy. Yet at the same time so much can stay the same, like some of the social issues we face as a nation, … Continued

Partner Program Design Checklist

We have recently been asked by a couple of clients to help them design, build and implement a new partner program, either as a re-launch of an existing program or as their first serious attempt at recruiting and managing partners. We hope this article provides an insight into what to do, what not to do, … Continued

Six Tips For Running Better Meetings

Finally, it’s your turn at the helm doing a partner review or facilitating an important meeting. Prove yourself in front of your peers and partners, and you’ve proved yourself full stop. Allow yourself to be the ringmaster in a cacophony of bad or no decision making, however, and it’s as though you drilled a hole … Continued

Paretos Principle And The Channel

In 1906, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto created a mathematical formula to describe the unequal distribution of wealth in his country. He had observed that 80 percent of the property in Italy was owned by 20 percent of the people. It was Quality Management Pioneer Dr Joseph Juran however who suggested the principle within his field … Continued

4 Rules Of Engagement to Avoid Channel Chaos

Recently I’ve been working on several channel program design projects, and I am surprised to see vendors invest so much effort into their program offering (tiers, benefits, etc), but not put much thought into the actual engagement model. The end result is usually some form of channel conflict, or gaps between partner’s expectations and vendor … Continued

Matching Partner Value and Engagement Strategies

Traditional partner value or vendor engagement strategies have typically been dictated by program requirements. Under this model, partners are assessed according to the level of revenue generated and the level of certification achieved. Based on this assessment, partners are then assigned a rank, within the program hierarchy, of Gold, Silver, or Bronze. In recent years, … Continued

Transitioning To Cloud With Clarity

The commercial advantages offered by Cloud computing are so well known it would be superfluous to list them here, and so attractive they continue to generate a buzz across the commercial landscape. But if you are currently a traditional reseller, is your businesses genuinely ready to transition to reselling Cloud offerings, or to being a … Continued

Conducting Effective Channel Partner Reviews

As the year draws to a close we are often asked about our tips or ideas for the coming year. This year our number one tip to improve channel performance is easy to do, costs very little, but will deliver huge gains in productivity, relationship alignment as well as revenue. Simply conduct regular structured business … Continued